Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cost for services

Sample 8 bars. (One per client)

16 bars 

Custom Hook:
4 bars

Whole Song:
Three-16 bar verses and a 4 bar hook 



Weight Loss Freestyle

Headache Freestyle

Iphone Freestyle

This is what I put together for Fiverr Clients in about 10 min.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If you need someone,
to write your flows.
Then Chi-Rho,
is the only one,
you need to know.
I can write on any subject,
you might be feeling,
and inject any meaning,
you want me concealin.
The lyrics come easy,
I'm ready to show.
Tell me what you want,
and I'm ready to go.
I would love to be the one,
who helps you blow.
I'll write the lyrics,
you perform the show.
If you got the beat,
I could give it a go.
Just tell me,
what you want the crowd to know.
So if your interested,
just send up the sign,
If its isn't worthwhile,
then I might decline.

My email is: